This article reaches back to a genre I once knew earlier in my life, EDM, and have been reintroduced to within the last 3 years. A trend noticed within EDM is it has been influenced by metal, specifically “core” side. I heard SVDDEN DEATH's new album Harbinger and was psyched. Now that I've had more listens, it is good, but not with what I prefer from EDM. Though not to say there aren't tracks I've returned to like “Teeth,” “Mind Control,” “Don't you dare go hollow,” and “Immolator.” Now where my title comes into play is that “Teeth” features cybergrind artist Bejalvin, and the rest of the aforementioned tracks lean closer to the metal influence. Bejalvin is known for the hip hop-influenced style of cybergrind. This style of cybergrind isn't something I have really delved into with my short journey over the last year and half listening to this subgenre. Yet, because of genius we see a crossover of Cybergrind and EDM in a great way. 

There is another style of the hip hop side where it's more instrumentally driven and that's where we meet the third party in cybergrind meeting vaporwave. They coalesce in my enjoyment with the introduction of Niko Musgrave's Home and Roanoke. Vaporwave is so much closer to the EDM style I had enjoyed around 14 years ago. There is no true chaos to the instrumentation of vaporwave that invokes cybergrind, but the flow of vaporwave is where you notice the feel of cybergrind. Home and Roanoke are great introductions for people wanting to come from the hip hop or the late 00s/early10s style of EDM to get into both Vaporwave and Cybergrind. 

The reason I have jumped around going from one genre to another is to give you bits and pieces before coming to a conclusion. I must say SVDDEN DEATH does EDM for metalheads and having the guts to bring cybergrind into the mix just feels like it was much needed. Bejalvin is a must for the people who enjoy hip hop and want to get into heavier music. Niko Musgrave gives one more entry point. I am excited to hear more from all, especially Niko Musgrave.

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