We sat down with lead singer Luc of Michigan screamo outfit Abuse Repression to talk about being a musician and a lifelong music fan.

Tell me two random things about yourself you'd like to share? 
Luc once did a proxy interview of Jack White of The White Stripes and has only ever broken one bone in his life.

What's your thoughts on the Big 4?
He grew up on it and primarily returns to Metallica - there's an original edge to it.

What got you into music, listening wise?
ABC by The Jackson 5.

What was the first heavy band that you remember hearing?
Jimi Hendrix, and then scene bands like Slipknot, The Devil Wears Prada, and Underoath. Luc went to Warped Tour with Quinn [White, also of Abuse Repression] at 13.

What's the genre you like the most to hear?
Melodic punk and indie rock.

What's your top 5 bands that inspire you? 
Lyrically: Title Fight, Fiona Apple, Imogen Heap, and Meshuggah. As far as Abuse Repression's sound: Orchid.

What's your best concert experience both performing and in the crowd? 
Luc says that "each show that you do becomes your next favorite." As far as being in the crowd, Godspeed You! Black Emperor made him cry, and he also cherishes seeing Alanis Morissette performing the entirety of Jagged Little Pill with his girlfriend.

What's your musical background? 
Lyricist and vocalist, but has played guitar and bass before Abuse Repression. 

What's a hobby outside of music? 
Cycling and gaming (both video games and tabletop RPGs).

What's a dream collaboration?
Unrealistically? Kurt Ballou. Realistically? A split with [Rhode Island screamo band] Dreamwell.

Any upcoming releases or shows?
Abuse Repression has upcoming shows in Michigan, three different splits in the works, including one confirmed with North Carolina's Process // Sleep, and an additional track in the works for a Palestinian relief fund compilation.

The following Spotify playlist was curated by Luc:

Abuse Repression's self-titled debut EP released January 27th and is available on streaming and Bandcamp.

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