Tell me two random things about yourself you'd like to share? 
Alyce is a tattoo artist from Las Vegas and was huge into trading card games when younger; she references video games as a hobby, with her favorite games being Dark Souls and Overwatch .

What's your thoughts on the Big 4?
She doesn’t listen to much metal, but cares a little about Slayer and Metallica because of ties to her mom.

What got you into music listening wise; what was the first heavy band that you remember hearing? 
Alyce's dad helped get her into 90s Alt, specifically Sub Pop; her introduction to heavy music was Christcore — specifically Norma Jean and Inhale Exhale. 

What's the genre you like the most to hear?
The weirder the metal, the more she likes it. 

What's your top 5 bands that inspire you?
Minus the Bear for the lyrical content, The Hirs Collective musically and project management style on top of Street Sects, Nails, and Crystal Castles 

What's your best concert experience both performing and in the crowd? 
Alyce plans to take Bottom Surgery on tour; Deafening played a show with Knoll, and planned to play more live.* (see Post Mortem 2). 

Within the crowd — Wavves in 2023 with King of the Beach album anniversary and Death Grips in 2018 touring on Year of the Snitch. 

What's your musical background? 
A multi-instrumentalist; she created Bottom Surgery as a “noise” project; has been playing guitar since 12, mainly because of Minus the Bear's “Knights.” 

What's a hobby outside of music? 
Alyce is a foodie with her guilty pleasure meals being In n Out or sugar bomb pancakes (but not from Denny's because Denny's sucks). 

What's it like having a solo project and a project with your partner? 
Hard to balance them as collaboration with her partner Shay extends the process of Deafening releases; Bottom Surgery has become a collective like The Hirs Collective for the LPs and the EPs serve as the solo aspect of the project.  

What's a dream collaboration?

Any news on upcoming releases?
Alyce is working on a new project called Fucked up Footage with Vulgar: Hayvn on bass while Vulgar is on drums, guitars and samples and they both trade vocals; the big Bottom Surgery announcement is LP2* coming April 30th.

Post Mortem 1: In our discussion I reveal my favorite track in her projects: Uncuff Me, which she reveals was a cutting room floor type of track. The other track of note for me is Graves Bloom which features James McHenry from Blind Equation. Alyce reveals that track underwent a lot of changes before final product was ready for pleasefollowclosely. 

Post Mortem 2: On Deafening— "uhh basically me and saoirse decided it would just be best to put the project on hold since i'm planning on relocating to the pnw and i'd like to focus on bs. we intend to keep it an internet project and would like to play shows in the future"

Post Mortem 3: The following is a Spotify Playlist curated by Alyce:

Bottom Surgery's newest EP and collaboration with Micturator, Orchestral Penectomy, is available now on streaming.

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