The Synth Punk Side of the Cybergrind Planet: Part One 

Highlighting first; Kenny Mason, Paris Texas, See You Next Year and Billy Lemos teamed up to do a hop-hip track that was in a decidedly synth style called "Big Bank." The style gives that hip-hop feel, but it's faster, and one could tell what would be guitar driven if it had any. 

Up next was Purest Form with a track called "Broke." The sound is closer to what I assumed would be considered synth punk compared to the other single highlighted. It had a grind feel through the guitar and vocals but the synths and drums had the punk style. I would describe it as true cyberviolence, which is an answer to the other microgenres we see like emoviolence and powerviolence.

Each of these tracks lend to the idea that synth punk covers a lot of ground. It's good that as a first-time listener, I'm not heading in with a lot of preconceived notions. Speaking of first-time listener, lend me some suggestions of other tracks within this microgenre if you have knowledge of other artists. 

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