Two Chicago underground music juggernauts, cybergrinders Blind Equation and lo-fi screamers Your Arms Are My Cocoon, have announced a pair of shows in Seoul, South Korea on April 13 and 14. 

Not content on continuing to play shows together in the states, this pair have decided to take their differing, yet equally compelling, takes on harsh and emotional music to brand new live audiences. 

The bands will be joined on April 13 at Club Sharp by local pop-emo act Wabddi

and on April 14 at by noiserockers baan

This is a great chance for the Korean audiences to participate in the electric live shows BxE and YAAMC are known for, and for the rest of us stuck elsewhere in the world to check out a couple exciting and original Korean artists.

전세계 μ‚¬μ΄λ²„κ·ΈλΌμΈλ“œ - Cybergrind Worldwide

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