With these projects I have heard what they have released prior to this ep. I've chatted with 3000 Centipedes in discord about their first release which is My Angry God Is Punishing Them. Small side point: I would love another solo release from them.  While I haven't been able to chat with Bottom Surgery yet, I did a discography run of their solo stuff leading into this upcoming split. My favorites of their solo stuff would be Ask Not, Want Not and pleasefollowclosely. Specific previous tracks highlighted are "you will respect me”; “duplication featuring 3000 Centipedes”; and “blotted out” which features in my opinion a staple of the cybergrind scene, Sleeping on Stardust. Now onto the review of the split since we are done the back story/experiences with previous material.

Starting with track 1 BS/3kC take you right into the manic minds they have with the hard style and bass boosted “pullingapartyourcircuitry.” They rip out l your ear drums with the assault and don't let up with “skulking outside the window.” Finally Bottom Surgery has a solo song that is very pop laden and it gives a void in energy as you come down from a workout in 2 minutes, unlike the collaboration tracks.

This is where we reach 3kC's side and there is a tonal shift where Bottom's side does feel a bit hopeful within the mania, 3kC takes a darker tone with a monotone intro to the aptly named “Torso in a dumpster.”  The darkness and anxiety-inducing side continues through 3KCs rambling throughout the rest of the track and in “Going Feral at Super Moon.” 3KCs side wraps with the same stop-and-start dark energy on their side with “Unskippable Cutscene” which is ironic because this track has a skipping motif and less flow. 

Bottom Surgery and 3K Centipedes digs into the mind of mania and gives pause to their previous styles (especially for Bottom Surgery). 3KC's' side does seem like one I won't be returning to when I put these songs in an inevitable 2024 playlist, but as a whole, this split does leave you wanting more from 3KC just to see what they are capable of by themselves on an EP or album that isn't as collaborative. These 2 projects will cement themselves as the early start to the cybergrind greatness I see coming for the year 2024. 

A bit of a tease for what's to come; I will have a bevy of reviews hopefully to be posted over the next 2 months from all sorts of artists. If you see me on Discord and want a review, let me know. 

Phyrexian Face Hunter is available on Bandcamp.

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